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Rancho Banderas, premier beachfront luxury living

Yum, fresh lobster

Yum… four of us had a huge platter of fresh seafood at the local outdoor restaurant down the beach from Rancho Banderas! The whole platter only costs us around $25!

Wouldn’t you love to escape to soft white sand and crystal clear waters? Well you can by visiting  Rancho Banderas, a beautiful beach-front property located on the north shore of the Bay of Banderas in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. This resort is located on Playa Destiladeras, which is renowned as the premier beach within the Bay of Banderas. The resort consists of luxurious villas nestled on red sandstone bluffs that rise from the beach and fit naturally into the landscape.

Rancho Banderas is a short flight away from San Diego and such a great quick getaway from the city!

This five-star, self-contained, family-oriented resort blends into and compliment the natural beauty of the area and reflect the rich cultural history of Mexico.

Contact me if you’re interested in finding more!

Check out my photos below from my trip to Rancho Banderas.

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