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About Us

I love to travel and shop! That results in having an abundance of timeshares! I have timeshares in Belize, the Mexican Rivera (all-inclusives), Nuevo Vallarta (near Puerto Vallarta), and access to resorts scattered around the world through exchange programs, such as RCI, Interval International, and Dial An Exchange. I also own in Diamond Resorts and they have an extensive list of properties all over the world.

Overall I have four timeshares so can’t possibly use them all by myself! And the annual maintenance fees are a killer on the pocketbook!

I’d love to share my abundance with you and likely at a very affordable and discounted rate! (No need to buy any memberships. Just use mine!)

I also love adventure and warm waters so many of resorts are on the beach and have great snorkeling and diving! Of course, with the exchange programs you’ll find resorts in snow, mountains, and many foreign countries!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Isn’t it time for a vacation?


  Paul wrote @

Great travel site – I will keep it in my Travel favorites.

  gratituderocksme wrote @

Thanks! Glad you like the site! Please share it with your adventurous friends!

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